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Most people park in our parking lot where the entrance is on 5th Ave. and walk in through the doors there.  When you do, you will probably be welcomed by one of our greeters and pointed down the hall.  If you come in through the gate and courtyard on L St. you will most likely be greeted just a few steps inside by the guest book.

To procede to the sanctuary there are just a few stairs or an elevator if you prefer to ride.  

Once you've made your way inside you will be handed a bulletin with an outline of the worship service while the entire service will be up on the large screen.  

Music will be playing, some people will be dressed in their Sunday best and others may be wearing an old t-shirt and sweatpants, there will be laughter and conversation, children will be acting like they own the place.  We don't mind.  They are supposed to feel at home.  This is the House of God and a Home to all of God's People. 

We are a liturgical church which means that all participate.  All are invited to sing along, to pray, to dance if you are so moved.  Oh, and it is really ok to make facial expressions during the sermon -that way Pastor Kirsten knows you're listening.

We begin by emptying ourselves with corporate confession, and then we are filled with the Word in scripture and the sermon, and filled again with Christ through the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

There is a "Children's Time" where children are invited forward for a brief message, and then they are invited to leave the sanctuary to do a craft that is usually related to the day's Gospel reading.  Don't worry, they'll be back in time for the Passing of the Peace where we greet each other saying "Peace be with you" "And also with you".  

After Confession, Children's Time, Scripture Reading, Sermon, Prayers, Sharing of the Peace, Offering, Communion, Announcements, Benediction, and Sending (all with plenty of good and meaningful music from our Worship Team mixed in), worship is over.  We then invite everyone down the hall to the Fellowship Room for some good food and even better fellowship time.  

We hope that you will feel welcomed at Calvary, pretty soon everyone feels like family and we are pretty sure that you belong here!

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