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…Open Arms

…Open Hearts

…Sharing the Good News of God’s Grace.


…We will be a light and spread God’s word and love 

…We will expand and grow in faith 

…We will be open and inclusive 

…We will be a place of rest and hope


Jesus is Lord and Savior 

Unity and inclusion 

Praying and worshiping together 

Showing Christ’s grace

Salvation is for everyone 

Leading by example



Pastor Kirsten Moore spent the first 11+ years of her life in a Chicago suburb where she was baptized into a Lutheran congregation, attended Sunday school and received her first communion.  When Pastor Kirsten was 11 years old her family and she moved out to Walnut Creek where she joined Saint Matthew Lutheran Church. This is where she was confirmed and became very active with the youth group.  

Pastor Kirsten graduated from California Lutheran University where she majored in Religion and minored in Psychology.  This is also where she met her husband of 23 years, Matthew. 

Since college Pastor Kirsten has served for nearly 17 years as a Youth & Family Minister within 4 congregations in California.  Her most recent congregation is Lutheran Church of the Incarnation, Davis. 

Pastor Kirsten graduated December, 2013, with a Masters in Divinity from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley. Along the way she and Matt have been blessed with two daughters.

Pastor Kirsten is thrilled with how the Holy Spirit is moving and feels extremely blessed to be serving Calvary Lutheran Church since 2014!

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